Don’t Think You Can Do A Pin-Up Shoot?

Everyone is a first-timer at some point in anything they do.     Including doing a boudoir or Pin-Up session.

First timer who booked an All Day Session for her big plunge! Look at her! So classic and beautiful!

Joe and I get messages daily from ladies who feel the need to go into a lengthy detail about how they’ve never done anything like this before, asking if “age” matters, or explaining they are “such and such” dress size, etc.      Plain and simple:     We work with first-timers, there is no age cut-off limit; and body size / shape  matters not!        In fact, about 95% of our clients are first-timers and most end up being repeat clients.

At Sullivan’s Pin-Up Photography  we pride ourselves on the experience we give to our clients.  First, we limit our sessions to only 3 a day,  ensuring that no one gets rushed and each nervous client has the time she needs to feel appreciated and valued!     Secondly, we do pre-session consults where you, the client, come in to meet us, see the studio, discuss your setting and work out a wardrobe …. whether it be choices made from our wardrobe, yours, or a combination of both.     It’s an extra step for us, but our clients have told us that it’s a wonderful ice-breaker that leaves them walking away with a better understanding of what to expect when they arrive for their session.  They’ve met us, they see what the studio and their setting looks like, they are confident in what they chose to wear and makes the “day of” a lot less intimidating.

First timer who wanted something a bit more classic……. she practiced her facial expressions at our suggestion and look?! She’s perfect!

The day of your session is a breeze, we do all the work and you get all the pampering!   You come in and you’re in hair / makeup for about an hour and fifteen minutes.     Then, you head to your private dressing room and change into the pre-selected wardrobe.   Once dressed, we take you out into the main rooms of the studio and to the designated setting you chose at your consult.     This may seem like the scary part, but no need!     I will literally demonstrate each pose, explaining key things to keep in mind.    You’ll never only be verbally directed on your poses, I will demonstrate each pose!      If you don’t quite nail the pose, I will adjust as needed, but you’ll never be left to guessing as to whether or not you’re “nailing” your pose.    You’ll never be made left to feel as though you’re on your own ….. you’ll have a lot of laughs (because we’re silly and like to keep it light and fun) and you’ll walk away wondering why you were ever nervous in the first place!


This lovely lady added Pin-Up to her bucket list and was able to “check it off”. Gorgeous!

The hardest step of the process is actually making the call or sending the message requesting package info because you’d like to book.    After that, we take the wheel and guide you through it step by step.       You’ll always have a “reason” not to book:     you need to lose weight, you need to find the time, you need to grow your hair longer ……. there is no time like the present, you just have to do.    It’s never too soon to lose that “first-timer” status……..

Miss Holly Day – not only is she our hair / makeup artist that will pamper you, but she was also a first-timer 2 years ago.