Brains vs Beauty ….. why can’t we have both?


Recently,  we had a gorgeous woman walk into our pinup photography studio just outside Scranton PA for her consult who traveled to us from NY.    She saw photos that we shot of her friend and wanted in on the fun!    She was 50 and had such a youthful, glowing appearance with a personality to match!   While we were chatting and discussing her ideas,  she confides in us about how this pinup session she booked with us is “a dream come true”.     Not because the session was with “us” —- but just being in front of the camera in general.

She said “I’m 50 and I’m finally realizing a dream!”

See, growing up…… she was told her sister was “the pretty one” and she was “the smart one”. She was made to feel as though she wasn’t pretty enough to be in photos so she was never urged to be in front of the camera. She had the brains, her sister had the beauty.  Her mother would tell her “You’re the smart one, let your sister be in photos, she’s the pretty one.”

How sad that she….. anyone ….. should be made to feel that it’s one or the other: you have brains or beauty? Why can’t we have both? Why does it have to be so black and white? One has nothing to do with the other.

The point of this story is that if you are like this amazing woman and were ever made to feel that you weren’t / aren’t the pretty one, the beautiful one or you were told that you can’t be pretty and smart at the same ——– don’t ever believe that for one second. You can be BOTH.

Parents, please please please——- be aware of the things you tell your children. Things that you may not even realize are planting seeds of insecurity or a feeling of being “less than”. We’re human, we all make mistakes —– but we are also all beautiful in our own unique way.