The Fat Of It

Imagine this:

You claim to be “body positive” and accepting of all shapes and sizes.   I mean, you tell EVERYONE how body shaming really irks you and how we all just need to embrace and empower each other rather than tear each other down and how numbers on a scale or the size on a tag should never define you!


Now imagine you went on a diet and lost some weight.     People start complimenting you and telling you how great you look.   You feel great!     Then, in conversations about your weight loss (or whatever) you start referring to the “old” you before the weight loss as fat.

“Oh, I was so fat then.”

“Oh, when I was fat I couldn’t wear ____ (insert any type of clothing here____”

“When I was fat ………………….”

I’m sorry ….. what?

Did you just body shame your “old” self and everyone who is still “currently” the size you were by using the term fat?     You did.    You can’t say you didn’t.    You did.

Or maybe you didn’t lose any weight at all but still refer to yourself as “fat”  (for whatever reason) while claiming to be body positive.  That doesn’t even make a lick of sense!

Maybe “fat” is what it is …. you think.   Or maybe …..”fat” is someone’s medical condition that is beyond their control due to slow metabolism, medications, etc.   Maybe “fat” is due to someone’s mental state where depression is causing them to carry around extra weight.  Maybe “fat” is someone’s age where their body is going through menopause and the pounds keep coming no matter how little they eat.    Maybe fat should never be a term that comes out of our mouths.    Ever.

While you think calling yourself fat …. whether in the past tense or what you think you currently are …. isn’t hurting anyone else, it is.     Others who may be feeling concerned about their weight may be looking at you, comparing their weight to yours and wondering if you aren’t also thinking they are “fat”.       Please don’t add to someone’s secret battle just because you are referring to yourself and you don’t think it can or will hurt someone else.

You can’t be “body positive” and against “body shaming” as long as you are still throwing the word “fat” (and any other similar shaming words) around so loosely, even if you are only referring to yourself.    You just can’t.