Why We Don’t Give You All Your Images From Your Session:

Each studio has their own policy as to what control they retain over their work by releasing or not releasing all your unedited images, it’s obviously “photographer choice.” However, here are some of the reasons we don’t release them …….

1. You paid us to do a job. We want to complete that job by giving you the finished product. You did not pay us to do half the job.

2. During your Pin-Up or boudoir session, we shoot hundreds of photos of you and many shots of the same pose, to be sure you weren’t blinking, wrinkling your nose because a stray hair was tickling you etc. Again, you paid us. You paid us to sift through and find the gems! We know what we’re looking for …. is the angle correct, did you have a joint pointing to the camera, is the particular shot clear, does your ankle look broken because your leg/foot slipped out of pose and so on. We have had friends who have had all their images given to them by various studios and more than one have told us that it was a bit overwhelming and tedious to have to sift through them all. You paid us. So let us do our job.
As a photographer, I can assure you that when Joe shoots me even I don’t want to see the unflattering shots of myself. Who does? We’ve heard it over and over again from clients “Please make me look amazing!” and by sifting through all the images and presenting to you the final edits — that’s exactly what we we are doing!     Presenting to you…. an amazing finished product.

3. We at Sullivan’s Pin-Up Photography value our time and work. We want you to be proud of each and every single photo we deliver to you, just as we want to be proud of each every photo we put our name on. Period. Not every “unedited” shot is good or flattering no matter who shot it. We’ve seen some unedited shots posted on social media that made us wince. Yes, some are great but some are not. The untrained eye may think it’s a good shot, but professionals may cringe at that very same image.

4. This is our art. Sure, we have a studio and run a business, but we are in this business because of the self expression and creativity that it allows us. We put a lot of time into what we do. Believe me, it would be a lot less “time consuming” and “easier” to just toss you the SD Card at the end of the session and call it a wrap ……. but …. this is our art and we like to protect it. It’s our baby. That deserves respect, no? It does. Getting all your unedited images is sort of like when you buy a remastered CD that contains a bunch of “bonus” tracks of some of that bands song demos. Sure they may be worth a listen, but they are always rough around the edges and won’t make it into your itunes playlist because they are not a completed song.

6. Why is it so important that you see every shot? Do you think we’re keeping something from you?   Do you really want to see outtakes that have the lighting visible or the background studio clutter in the shot? You might even see a photographers body part in the image, that is not what you paid for. You trusted us enough to pay us to shoot your session, trust us to follow through. Why would we keep “great shots” from you? That doesn’t even make sense. If it’s a great shot, of course we’d want you to have it to show friends and family and help spread the word about our talents! We have nothing to gain by keeping the gems from you!

7. We understand you want to see your images as fast as possible, that’s why we go home and not plop in front of the television, but upload your photos and edit one or two to post a sneak peek, often the same day or very next morning. Coming home after a 6-7 hour day in the studio, sitting back and putting our feet up with a cold beer is tempting, but our job continues because we know you’re anxious. So we get to editing that same day so we can get one up one up on Facebook for you to see. That’s better than going home and popping in an SD Card only to find the first photo that appears may be an unflattering one, right? Yeah. We think so too.

8. We shoot a max of 3 clients a day not only to offer each client the best experience possible but to also allow us time to edit the photos. Quality over quantity ALWAYS. Not offering all the unedits isn’t a matter of the photographer not being confident in what he/she shoots as some have suggested, it’s a matter of pride, control over our work and following through with what you, the client, has paid us to do.