Introducing Our New Bloggess!

I am a writer. I have been since I was eleven years old. It all started thanks to the movie Harriet the Spy. Michele Trachtenberg was my spirit animal. After I watched it a dozen times, maybe more, my dad decided to buy me a bundle of journals, a few pens, and honestly, I haven’t slowed down since. That was 1996. So, when Bonnie and Joe approached me with this opportunity, I seized it.

I too, have a love and appreciation for photography and the creative process. I’ve been following Sullivan’s Pin-Up Photography ever since I mustered up the metaphorical balls to do a boudoir shoot with them years ago. I instantly became a fan of their work. I’ve shot with them many times since then. Because of that, and also for a million and one other reasons both professionally and personally, they became my close friends.

Can I do what they do behind the camera? Hell no! I can only step in front of it from time to time and give it my all. I leave the rest to them. They’re the professionals. But in saying that, I have also been following along close enough to see their passion for both photography and the pinup/boudoir world. I’ve picked their brains about every aspect of the business. Because when people are passionate about what they do, I want to know all about it. I’m the kind of person that falls in love with the stories of those who love what they do.

Which is why this is going to work perfectly. They know my passion for writing. I write professionally, I write creatively, I write leisurely, I write to inspire, and I write to learn and build upon the craft on a personal level. All of the above, yes please! So, my job is to take their passion, their ideas, their experiences, their lessons, and the personal and professional side of pinup photography through the lens of Sullivan’s Pin-Ups and go forth to weave a magical web of words in the form of a blog.

Photography is art. Written word is art. And we are joining forces to bring you the ultimate blog reading experience. Each post you see here is the brainchild of the Sullivans’. Like a puzzle, they hand over the pieces to me and I work to build the finished product. So, hello there ladies and gentleman! I am Stephanie Santore. And I am beyond excited to be the wordsmith behind the Sullivan’s Pin-Up Photography blog. I swear to you, they only let me out of the strait jacket to write, then it goes right back on. I don’t bite… too hard.