Meet Marie. She felt like family………..

We have worked with several clients who decided to do their first session because they lost a significant amount of weight. While on one hand, that accomplishment makes them feel they are ready to take on being in front of a camera, on the other hand, they also feel quite nervous, maybe even scared, due to some repercussions of the weight loss, such as extra skin. They can be fearful to even let us see the skin as we photograph them and fearful that those imperfections will be the center of attention in their photos. But as their photographers, we not only reassure them that we will capture all the perfect angles, but we will assist in helping them find the best outfit to highlight their assets and to downplay any of their trouble spots.

Meet Marie who waited for 4 years before finally deciding to just go for it and book a session.

“I was about to turn 30 and had lost about 145 pounds so I decided why wait any longer?” Marie states. “I was nervous because after losing such a significant amount of weight, I have a lot of extra skin, which bothers me and because of it, well, some things still don’t fit right.”

We scheduled a consult for her prior to her session as we do with all of our clients. It’s an opportunity to break the ice and meet us before the session date which many clients have expressed gratitude for. “It definitely helped getting to know you guys first and finding out we had a lot in common. I talked to you as a friend, it calmed me down.” Marie explains when we asked her thoughts on our consult process.

We reassured her going into her consult and all throughout, that we would be there to assist her in choosing the most amazing outfit for her session. We have a saying “If you look bad, we look bad. We’re not going to let that happen!”

Marie expressed to us that she was surprised at our wardrobe selection:”There was so much vintage and I love that! Plus there was more than I had imagined and so many size ranges!”

After about an hour, we helped Marie work out a few outfits for her selected session package. She was a bit nervous about going outside of her comfort zone when we suggested she try one of the Orchard Corset corsets that we have in our wardrobe paired with a garter. But she tried it on and loved it!

“I felt great! I have some body issues but those outfits made me feel beautiful!” Marie exclaims!

The day of her session came and as I did her makeup and hair we chatted about life, her job, weight loss, what’s important to her such as her wife and daughter and we also laughed ….. a lot! After about an hour and 15 minutes in makeup / hair, we were ready to shoot! She came out of the dressing room a bit shy, but once we finished shooting her first setting, we could tell she was already feeling a boost in confidence. That happens a lot! Watching a woman’s confidence blossom right before our eyes is priceless and knowing that we have a hand in it, always makes us feel so blessed that we have the opportunity to be doing what we do!

“Once it was over and I got to see the pictures I was so proud! I didn’t care who saw (the photos) because I loved what I saw, which had always been hard for me!” Marie expresses what many women express to us, the difficulty to see the bombshell that she really is. “It is very hard for me to look at myself and feel beautiful, probably why I love taking photos of beautiful things, though some things I find beautiful a lot of people do not. Beauty is in the eye of be beholder. After finishing the shoot and getting my sneak peeks, the first one I saw……. I cried. I looked beautiful and sometimes I forget “she” is in there I loved everything

Marie closed her interview with us by sharing her thoughts on something we did for her without even thinking (and had forgotten about, honestly), “I have had body issues my whole life. I still down myself but you two amazing people made me feel so beautiful that day. My wife and I had a “date night” that night and you even touched up my makeup, which you didn’t have to do, just so I could keep it through the night. It meant alot to me. You go out of your way to make people comfortable and treat them more like family than clients. Thank you!”

Joe and I truly believe that we have the best clien…. er…. family in all the world!