We’re Bonnie and Joe —- the husband and wife team behind Sullivan’s Pin-Ups, LLC located in Northeast Pennsylvania. We met back in 2001 while both rockin’ out in our individual punk-driven bands. We bonded not only over music, but our love of pin-ups and photography. Eventually, we ditched the bands, left the state of NY, got married 156 ft below the surface of the earth (true story, not an embellishment!) and ended up here —- in NEPA where we set up shop for Sullivan’s Pin-Ups, LLC. We’ve come a long way within the pin-up photography business in a very short time. How? By working our asses off!


You are an individual. And you are beautiful! When you step out in front of our cameras, our mission is to bring out the very best of you, just as you are! What you might think are imperfections and flaws, are what makes you different from everyone else. The ladies (and sometimes gents) who shoot with us come from all walks of life and are all shapes and sizes. Did you think pin-up photography was limited to a certain “type” of woman? Think again!

Clients who have shot with us, some for their very first time, have returned to us multiple times. It’s because of our ability to bring out their best and give them that little boost in confidence they need. Once they have it, there’s no looking back!  Not to mention, it’s been said that we’re a lot of fun to be photographed by. Photography is serious business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while doing it! We’ve heard words like “addicting” used to describe a photo shoot experience with us by several of our repeat clients. Want to see for yourself? Check out our testimonials page.

We have a knack for balancing professionalism and fun. Even when we need to be super serious, there’s always a time and place to smile and laugh. It’s who we are! And it’s what makes shooting with us an experience you’ll never forget.


Why do both of us shoot at each session? Mainly because we actually enjoy each other’s company and like being around each other so much that as husband and wife —– it’s something we can do together! (imagine that!) But we also have a different “eye” and perspective behind the camera.


Our work has been published in the following:

Also, Check out the Girl Talk article in the Weekender where you can get a first hand account of what it’s like to shoot with us!


We’ve been at our location in Olyphant, PA since 2013. This is where all of our studio sessions take place. But, we’re not limited to in-studio sessions only. We are still fond of themed sessions and/or venue sessions. We’re willing to travel to the outlying areas of upstate NY, NYC, NJ, and central PA.