Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are we located?

117 Lackawanna Ave, Olyphant PA, USA

Photo Turnaround

You’ll have your fully edited images NEXT DAY!   (the number of images depends on the package you booked).    The exception to this is the All Day Package in which case you will get your photos in 2 days.    

Makeup / Hair 

Makeup and hair is complimentary with every package.

Not My Comfort Zone

This is typically not in anyone’s comfort zone.   But it’s always fun to challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone and try something new.   Leaving one’s comfort zone now and again is also the way we grow as humans and empower ourselves by learning new things about ourselves!   Boudoir and Pinup photos are a fun way to break out of your comfort zone!

Posing, will you help?

Posing you is just one part of our job and part of your experience.    We will pose you every step of the way and if there’s a part of your figure that you are self-conscious about, we will pose you in a way that won’t highlight that area.

Wardrobe sizes 

We carry sizes XS to some 4x.     We can’t possibly carry every size though we do try to provide something for the most common sizes we shoot.

If you are smaller or wear a size larger than what we carry, please don’t be discouraged — we can point you in the right direction on where to find items you may like to wear for your session or offer other ideas! We will help you pull together a fantastic look if you’re willing to do a little shopping to purchase a terrific outfit!


A consult will be scheduled for you once you place a deposit.  Our wardrobe isn’t for the world to try on and play “dress up” in, we want our items to remain in great condition for those serious in doing a session. To guarantee this, we only make our wardrobe accessible to those who have placed a deposit.

Why do I need a consult?

Because we care and want you to look fabulous!   We care about your over-all experience. We care that you are able to find something to wear for your session and have it be spot on. We want you to have a blast!     We’ll discuss wardrobe, what theme you’d like to do for your session (boudoir, classic, modern, etc) and go over any questions you may have.  Consults are also a great ice-breaker!

Rescheduling Fee:

Between your consult and your session, we only allow 1 reschedule. (w/ a few rare exceptions)  A rescheduling fee of $50 will be applied to each requested reschedule thereafter. More than 3 reschedules will result in your session being cancelled, deposits non-refundable.   No exceptions.

Phone / Email Consult 

We can accommodate phone or email consults upon request if you are traveling more than an hour to shoot with us. Otherwise, no exceptions.

Can I bring a friend – Consult?

Sure! But we request that he / she offer no distractions and let us get down to work with you in regards to wardrobe etc.

Can I bring a friend – Session? 

No. No exceptions. We have found that guests offer too much distraction and we need you to focus on your session. In addition, we’ve also found that a lot of times our clients feel a little more inhibited with their friends watching them pose.

I’m Late!

We know things happen such as traffic, etc.   That’s why we strongly urge you to leave with plenty of time to encounter these things and still arrive on time.   More times than not, we have sessions immediately following yours — please respect our time, our other clients time and take your session seriously.     If you’re more than 15 minutes late there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to reschedule, if you aren’t able to reschedule by your own choice, you’ll forfeit your session fee in full.       At the end of the day, please make every effort to be on time.   


No please. Wine is offered complimentary with a couple of our longer sessions, otherwise, it creates potential issues we care not to deal with.


To place a deposit, we need a valid email address where we can send an invoice. From there, you can pay the invoice with any major credit card or via Paypal. (If you prefer to pay with PayPal — please be sure you send us the email address you use for Paypal.)

I don’t want my photos online!

You will sign a release at your consult granting or denying that permission.   But we do appreciate when we are permitted to share our clients photos as it allows other women to see our work and find inspiration to book their own session!

Age requirements

We shoot females as young as 10 years old.   As of 2017, we’ve started offering age appropriate sessions for teens.  (10-17)  Our package for teens is specially priced.   There is no limit to the age we shoot …. we’ve already worked with several women over the age of 65.

Couples? Engagement sessions? 

If you want traditional shots, we’re probably not be the photographers for you.   Couples / engagement sessions have their own pricing which depends on what you’re looking to do.     But couples need to “bring it” just like our pinup models.   We won’t photograph a couple if both parties aren’t into it and willing to do what it takes to nail the shots. That makes it no fun for anyone.   Message us to request more info.


Yes!   As of 2017, we’ve started offering age appropriate session to teens — 10 years old through 17!

I want to shoot with a car!

Unless you have a car of your own, car sessions are specialty sessions and only done spring through fall when we schedule them.   To book one of these sessions, you need to keep an eye on our page for when we post a flyer announcing such a session. Keep in mind they come with very limited availability and sell out quickly.

Military Discount

As of May 1, 2016 we offer 20% on all of our regularly priced packages (not valid for specialty or promoted themed sessions) to all those in the military or those who are a spouse of someone in the military with a valid military I.D.   It is the responsibility of the client AT THE TIME OF BOOKING before the deposit is paid, to disclose they’d like the military discount.   The military I.D MUST be shown at the scheduled consult. In the event the I.D. is not presented at the consult, you must arrange to present it to us before the balance is due. If this isn’t possible, you’ll be responsible for the full regular package price, non-negotiable.

Repeat Client Discount

If you’ve shot with us once and you book a second session, you are a repeat client which means, for your second shoot (and every one thereafter) you’ll receive $40 off your package price!

What is the difference between being a repeat client and a VIP client?

A repeat client is someone who has booked with us more than once.  A VIP client is someone who has booked with us 5 or more times over the course of time.

Are there perks to being a VIP client?

YES!   For starters, VIP clients have their own exclusive package pricing that extends far beyond the $40 repeat client discount.  VIP’s are offered exclusive sets available only to them.    There’s so much more,  but we can’t give away all the secrets here!

Why don’t you offer Mommy & Me sessions anymore?

We do!   But, they are exclusive to VIP clients only!    Our studio is female-centric where we want to focus on the empowerment and confidence boosting effects that pinup / boudoir sessions can have.   Small children don’t fit into that focus.    However, many of our VIPs are those who have shot our Mommy & Me’s in the past, so as a result, we are still willing to offer it to them as one

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