Meet Marie. She felt like family………..

We have worked with several clients who decided to do their first session because they lost a significant amount of weight. While on one hand, that accomplishment makes them feel they are ready to take on being in front of a camera, on the other hand, they also feel quite nervous, maybe even scared, due to some repercussions of the weight loss, such as extra skin. They can be fearful to even let us see the skin as we photograph them and fearful that those imperfections will be the center of attention in their photos. But as their photographers, we not only reassure them that we will capture all the perfect angles, but we will assist in helping them find the best outfit to highlight their assets and to downplay any of their trouble spots.

Meet Marie who waited for 4 years before finally deciding to just go for it and book a session.

“I was about to turn 30 and had lost about 145 pounds so I decided why wait any longer?” Marie states. “I was nervous because after losing such a significant amount of weight, I have a lot of extra skin, which bothers me and because of it, well, some things still don’t fit right.”

We scheduled a consult for her prior to her session as we do with all of our clients. It’s an opportunity to break the ice and meet us before the session date which many clients have expressed gratitude for. “It definitely helped getting to know you guys first and finding out we had a lot in common. I talked to you as a friend, it calmed me down.” Marie explains when we asked her thoughts on our consult process.

We reassured her going into her consult and all throughout, that we would be there to assist her in choosing the most amazing outfit for her session. We have a saying “If you look bad, we look bad. We’re not going to let that happen!”

Marie expressed to us that she was surprised at our wardrobe selection:”There was so much vintage and I love that! Plus there was more than I had imagined and so many size ranges!”

After about an hour, we helped Marie work out a few outfits for her selected session package. She was a bit nervous about going outside of her comfort zone when we suggested she try one of the Orchard Corset corsets that we have in our wardrobe paired with a garter. But she tried it on and loved it!

“I felt great! I have some body issues but those outfits made me feel beautiful!” Marie exclaims!

The day of her session came and as I did her makeup and hair we chatted about life, her job, weight loss, what’s important to her such as her wife and daughter and we also laughed ….. a lot! After about an hour and 15 minutes in makeup / hair, we were ready to shoot! She came out of the dressing room a bit shy, but once we finished shooting her first setting, we could tell she was already feeling a boost in confidence. That happens a lot! Watching a woman’s confidence blossom right before our eyes is priceless and knowing that we have a hand in it, always makes us feel so blessed that we have the opportunity to be doing what we do!

“Once it was over and I got to see the pictures I was so proud! I didn’t care who saw (the photos) because I loved what I saw, which had always been hard for me!” Marie expresses what many women express to us, the difficulty to see the bombshell that she really is. “It is very hard for me to look at myself and feel beautiful, probably why I love taking photos of beautiful things, though some things I find beautiful a lot of people do not. Beauty is in the eye of be beholder. After finishing the shoot and getting my sneak peeks, the first one I saw……. I cried. I looked beautiful and sometimes I forget “she” is in there I loved everything

Marie closed her interview with us by sharing her thoughts on something we did for her without even thinking (and had forgotten about, honestly), “I have had body issues my whole life. I still down myself but you two amazing people made me feel so beautiful that day. My wife and I had a “date night” that night and you even touched up my makeup, which you didn’t have to do, just so I could keep it through the night. It meant alot to me. You go out of your way to make people comfortable and treat them more like family than clients. Thank you!”

Joe and I truly believe that we have the best clien…. er…. family in all the world!

Meet Alicia – The Navy Vet

Joe and I were out with our street team at a roller derby bout supporting our local derby team that we sponsor, the Roller Radicals. Our street team was done up in full pin-up fashion from head to foot and they caught the attention of one very outgoing little 4 year old who wanted to do nothing more than dance and pose for them. We were all very smitten with this little lady who had the biggest smile and the most contagious giggle. As we entertained her by cheering and clapping for her posing and dancing, her mom came over, concerned she was bothering us to which we reassured her, she was absolutely no bother but rather adorable! She asked who we were, noticing the pin-up attire, so we handed her a business card, told her a little about us and the rest is history! We ended up meeting a new friend and a client who has made her way to VIP Client status within a year!

Meet Alicia. A Navy veteran serving as an intelligence specialist first class from 2004-2012 and who also deployed from 08-09 in support of operation enduring freedom. She’s very passionate about our country and our freedoms and you hear this when speaking with her.

But she’s more than a veteran. She’s also a mom to two gorgeous kids, Macey and Josh as well as a wife to Jeff, one of the most supportive husbands and also a Navy vet having served for 20 years with 8 deployments.

Like so many of us, life hasn’t always been easy and it still isn’t.

“Before I met Jeff 10 years ago, I went thru a string of bad relationships. From emotional abuse to physical abuse, I lost myself. Along with the stresses of military life, I became very depressed to the point of being hospitalized on multiple occasions.” Alicia explains. “Over the past few years I have been diagnosed with major depression disorder, severe anxiety, PTSD, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve struggled to get past many life events and accept myself for who I am. There have been times where I really hated who I saw in the mirror. I would restrict what I ate, overeat and not care about my health, even self harm. I’ve never been kind to my body. ”

Over the last several years, Alicia began seeing mental health professionals and making a conscious effort to focus on self care. “While I have grown to love myself, I still suffer from physical pain and struggle with depression and anxiety. I’ve learned how to manage my symptoms and get thru the tough days without taking it out on my body.”

We hear it almost on a daily basis, from first time clients – how nerves sometimes consume them or make them question why they booked in the first place. Alicia is certainly no different in that respect.

She explains: “The day of (her session) I was so nervous. I actually thought to myself “what the hell did you sign up for this for? You hate pictures of yourself.” We ended up having a blast and I was beyond happy when we saw the pictures!! I felt amazing having my hair and makeup done in a way that I had never thought of before. I saw myself in a new light and felt as if I left every aspect of myself that I am unhappy with and stepped into a different body.”

Having worked with Alicia a handful of times now, we are able to spot those “tougher” days she mentioned when she walks into the studio. We never make a mention of it unless she brings it up first but even then, that’s not the focus of our conversation. When she leaves her session on those days with a little more sass in her step and a smile on her face, we feel blessed and grateful that we are able to turn someone’s day around with the experience we strive to give while capturing photos of a client who has booked her session for her own unique reason. When asked why she continues to come back, Alicia states matter of factly: “I’ve continued to do these shoots because I like who I see in those photos. I like the confidence I have when I get in front of the camera. It allows me to feel as if I’m a different person – one without pain or anxiety attacks or six hour crying sessions – even if it’s for a short time, the effects are lasting. Now when Jeff tells me I’m beautiful or sexy, I actually believe him. I’ve learned that I kinda like myself way more than I thought I ever could. It’s almost therapeutic. It helps me step out of my body, be someone else for a while and forget my daily struggles. ”

Alicia’s advice to every woman: “Any woman struggling with body image, confidence, personal strengths or weaknesses, feeling “down” about themselves or just as a little treat should do this at least once in their lives. It’s like a spa day only better.”

And that’s a sentiment we couldn’t agree with more!
Look for more sessions from this gal in the near future!

And last but not least, a few behind the scenes shots of Alicia having fun while we do some test shots!

Why We Don’t Give You All Your Images From Your Session:

Each studio has their own policy as to what control they retain over their work by releasing or not releasing all your unedited images, it’s obviously “photographer choice.” However, here are some of the reasons we don’t release them …….

1. You paid us to do a job. We want to complete that job by giving you the finished product. You did not pay us to do half the job.

2. During your Pin-Up or boudoir session, we shoot hundreds of photos of you and many shots of the same pose, to be sure you weren’t blinking, wrinkling your nose because a stray hair was tickling you etc. Again, you paid us. You paid us to sift through and find the gems! We know what we’re looking for …. is the angle correct, did you have a joint pointing to the camera, is the particular shot clear, does your ankle look broken because your leg/foot slipped out of pose and so on. We have had friends who have had all their images given to them by various studios and more than one have told us that it was a bit overwhelming and tedious to have to sift through them all. You paid us. So let us do our job.
As a photographer, I can assure you that when Joe shoots me even I don’t want to see the unflattering shots of myself. Who does? We’ve heard it over and over again from clients “Please make me look amazing!” and by sifting through all the images and presenting to you the final edits — that’s exactly what we we are doing!     Presenting to you…. an amazing finished product.

3. We at Sullivan’s Pin-Up Photography value our time and work. We want you to be proud of each and every single photo we deliver to you, just as we want to be proud of each every photo we put our name on. Period. Not every “unedited” shot is good or flattering no matter who shot it. We’ve seen some unedited shots posted on social media that made us wince. Yes, some are great but some are not. The untrained eye may think it’s a good shot, but professionals may cringe at that very same image.

4. This is our art. Sure, we have a studio and run a business, but we are in this business because of the self expression and creativity that it allows us. We put a lot of time into what we do. Believe me, it would be a lot less “time consuming” and “easier” to just toss you the SD Card at the end of the session and call it a wrap ……. but …. this is our art and we like to protect it. It’s our baby. That deserves respect, no? It does. Getting all your unedited images is sort of like when you buy a remastered CD that contains a bunch of “bonus” tracks of some of that bands song demos. Sure they may be worth a listen, but they are always rough around the edges and won’t make it into your itunes playlist because they are not a completed song.

6. Why is it so important that you see every shot? Do you think we’re keeping something from you?   Do you really want to see outtakes that have the lighting visible or the background studio clutter in the shot? You might even see a photographers body part in the image, that is not what you paid for. You trusted us enough to pay us to shoot your session, trust us to follow through. Why would we keep “great shots” from you? That doesn’t even make sense. If it’s a great shot, of course we’d want you to have it to show friends and family and help spread the word about our talents! We have nothing to gain by keeping the gems from you!

7. We understand you want to see your images as fast as possible, that’s why we go home and not plop in front of the television, but upload your photos and edit one or two to post a sneak peek, often the same day or very next morning. Coming home after a 6-7 hour day in the studio, sitting back and putting our feet up with a cold beer is tempting, but our job continues because we know you’re anxious. So we get to editing that same day so we can get one up one up on Facebook for you to see. That’s better than going home and popping in an SD Card only to find the first photo that appears may be an unflattering one, right? Yeah. We think so too.

8. We shoot a max of 3 clients a day not only to offer each client the best experience possible but to also allow us time to edit the photos. Quality over quantity ALWAYS. Not offering all the unedits isn’t a matter of the photographer not being confident in what he/she shoots as some have suggested, it’s a matter of pride, control over our work and following through with what you, the client, has paid us to do.